Author of REFUGE, out June 1st 2018 from Kore Press

Ming Holden

_____Publication List_____

The Huffington Post, Blogger
30+ Articles (Politics Page, World Page, Green Page, Impact Page, Books Page, New York Page, Media Page, Arts Page, Culture Page)


Bellingham Review, forthcoming 2015/16

• Poem “For My Aspirated” selected by Bruce Beasley as the winner of Bellingham Review‘s 2015 49th Parallel Poetry Award


Hayden’s Ferry Review, forthcoming 2015/16
• Essay “Jacqueline and the Negative Imagination” to appear in the magazine’s next themed issue


Jai-Alai, December 2015
• My translations of poetry by Chilean poet Juan Soros


Crab Orchard Review, 2015
• Finalist in John Guyon Literary Prize for Nonfiction for “The Surest Way To Survive”, an essay about my trip to Syria’s Atmeh refugee camp


The Daily Beast, November 2013
Excerpt in the Daily Beast‘s “Women in the World” and “Book Beast” pages from my first bookThe Survival Girls


The Survival Girls, November 2013
• My first book, a work of nonfiction about the girls’ theater group I founded for Congolese refugees in a Nairobi slum (all proceeds go to college tuition for the women in the group)


Glimmer Train, winter 2014
• Winner of Glimmer Trains‘s Family Matters Prize — first place for “Keller’s Ranch” — to be published in forthcoming issue


Arts & Letters, spring 2014
• Nonfiction piece “Lenin”, finalist for the Arts & Letters annual Nonfiction Prize


Passages North, 2014
• Nonfiction piece “Noah’s Trunami”, finalist for the Passages North Thomas J. Hrushka Nonfiction Prize, to be published in the 2013 issue


Alchemy, winter 2013
• Translation of a poem by Chilean poet Juan Soros


Chattachoochee Review, summer 2013
• Nonfiction piece “Coyote”, winner of the Review‘s Lamar York Nonfiction Prize


USAID Frontiers in Development, contributor, May 2012
•”The Survival Girls” essay published alongside essays by Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Paul Collier, Rajiv Shah, Steve Radelet, Indra Nooyi, Admiral James Stavridis, and others in USAID’s “Frontiers in Development” publication


Box of Jars, January 2012
• Poem “Ground Passage” in inaugural issue; nonfiction short piece “Shepherds & Inventions”  in issue #4


Ink Node, 2011
• Poem “under the larches” featured on weekly marquee


The Best American Poetry Blog, 2011
“Dispatch from Istanbul”


The Best American Poetry Blog, 2011
• Pantoum, “Please Hold”


Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog, 2008-2010
• “Contributor Spotlight” pieces “Scribbles From WALTIC“, “On Dissociating“,“Home, Home on the Ranch” and “A Poet in Mongolia”
(the photos too!)


The Molotov Cocktail, Summer 2010
• Flash Fiction piece “Keller’s Ranch”


Ink Node, Summer 2010
• Poem “Carving” featured on weekly marquee


LICK, Pilot Books, February 2010
• Selected as one of ten contributors to book for prose piece “Vigil”


Caper Journal, November 2009
• Essay about Mongolian exiled writer Tumen Ulzii Bayunmend, “The Poem That Still Speaks”


CASA Menendez, December 2009
• Contributor’s interview and poem “Origin”


Cerise Press, Fall/winter 2009
• Essay about China “The Lateral Deep” and fiction “Disturbing the Spirits” about Bolivia


Poets and Writers/O&S, fall 2009
• Poem “Origin”


Slice Magazine’s “Slices of Life” blog, 2009-2010
• Three profile pieces: “Neverbeginning” (the photo too!); “Peter Rex Principe de las Estrellas”; and “Transparency”


Never Ended, Never Begun, T. Altangerel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, July 2009
• Edited the translation of this short story collection for The Asia Foundation


Mongolia Web News, News blogger, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, May-July 2009
• My blog posts during recent stay in Mongolia hosted by the news site at editor’s invitation


Mongol Messenger Newspaper, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, June 2009
• Article on the Arts Council of Mongolia


Citynights Magazine, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, June 2009
• Article on Mongolia’s LGBT community


Best American Poetry Blog, David Lehman, ed., February 2009; June, July, October 2008
• Guest Blogger: a found poem; “Slumming in Stockholm”; “A Day in the Life of Wintry Mongolia”; “Notes Toward a Writer in Exile”; “Three Poems by Khaidav Chilaajav”; and “Notes Toward the Formation of a Mongolian PEN Center”


Peaches and Bats, Sam Lohmann, ed., Winter 2008
• Lyric Essay “Notes Away From Russia”


InTheFray, April 2008
• Article “Writer in Exile”


The Dog of Heaven, Dr. Hatagin Akim, EDO Publishing, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, April 2008
• Edited English translation of this book about wolves by Mongolia’s National Library Director


Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue # 42, 2008
• Translated five poems by Bolivian poet Vicky Allyón from Spanish


In Asia, The Asia Foundation’s Online Newsletter, 2008
• Solicited to write article on my work to form Mongolian PEN Center


The Poker, Daniel Bouchard, ed., 2007
• Creative nonfiction piece “The Typewriter” (reviewed here at Any Book)


The Santa Ynez Valley Journal Newspaper, 2007
• Feature articles on Bolivia’s Rio Beni Health Project and local news


Connecting Lines: New Poetry from Mexico, Forrest Gander, ed., Sarabande Books, 2006
• Translated three poems by Vicente Quirarte from the Spanish


Prospect: an Anthology of Creative Nonfiction, 2005
• Nonfiction piece “Rose” published by invitation from faculty committee, William Gillespie, ed., 2004
• Nonfiction piece “The Memory Project” published by editor’s invitation


Santa Barbara Independent Newspaper, 2002
• Selected poetry and profile articles

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