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Ming Holden

Dear Ones,

Happy Autumn!

I’m happy to report that I’m involved in several new creative projects.

1. I’ve been cast in two shows, both up at Plaza Playhouse in the coming weeks: I’ll play a few roles, including the ghost of Grace Kelly, in Reconnected, a collection of one-act plays by Ed Giron, at the end of September. I’ll also play the heroine, Wendy March, in a melodrama called Dr. Dogsbreath Devereaux that goes up as a fundraiser for the Playhouse October 16th, 17th, and 18th.

2. The wonderful writer-director Anna South (aka burlesque performer Randy Rose) wrote the starring part for me in her comedic short Flammestra! The piece takes on Burning Man tropes with a chuckle, and it was such fun to try acting both for comedy and for film. It was extra delightful to be parodying one of my most beloved cultures (I am, for the record, a longtime burner). Here’s the Flammestra video on YouTube.

2. Hayden’s Ferry Review will publish my essay “Jacqueline and the Negative Imagination”

in their next issue.  This particular acceptance is meaningful not just for the kind and attentive energy of the editors, but because it’s about The Survival Girls, which will always be one of the most meaningful things to think and write about for me as long as I live. It’s also the first creative-critical piece I tried writing, and incorporates my work at UCSB in performance theory and the input of my brilliant classmates there — proof that imaginative written work and the thougthful workshopping thereof can be found, wonderfully, after the MFA experience. Hayden’s Ferry Review is where I had one of my first publications in 2008 (my translations of Bolivian socialist and feminist Vicky Allyon’s extraordinary poems) and I have long loved the publication and the way its editors work.

4. Here’s my latest Huffington Post piece up on the Entertainment page. It’s one of my contributions to the greater cause of the Odyssey Project (a UCSB theater project with local incarcerated young men of color) — for this piece, I talked with Mark Manning of The Road to Fallujah fame about the documentary film he’s making about the project. Enjoy!

I hope your autumn is shaping up to have pockets of fun and creativity, as well. Thanks for checking in.





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