Author of REFUGE, out June 1st 2018 from Kore Press

Ming Holden

I am thoroughly pleased to announce the arrival of “The Loss Letters”, my Dusie Kollektiv chapbook with the incredible Bronwen Tate (managing editor at Stanford’s Mantis), available for purchase here. You can pay as little as 1 cent! Each copy is hand-sewn by Ms. Tate herself. She knows how to do these things, and also how to knit amazing hats and mittens and concoct beauty in the kitchen. She’s indubitably a better poet than I am, and it was an honor to trade with her.

The chapbook formed as an idea when I sent Bronwen a ghazal back in October, and we proceeded at her suggestion to do a 48-hour-turnaround poem trade–ghazal, pantoum, villanelle, sestina, sonnet–until we’d both done a few of each. We weren’t allowed to talk with each other during that time, except through the poems. “The Loss Letters” turned out to be about grief and trauma, sure, but also about womanhood, motherhood, and ultimately, sisterhood.

Thank you, Bronwen. You called my spirit back.

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