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Ming Holden

Dear Ones, It’s only appropriate that today, when imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (which was ceremoniously placed on an empty chair, since the Chinese government wouldn’t grant permission for any of his family members to represent him), another set of quotes from the Writers and Literary Translators International Congress went up, this time over at the Hayden’s Ferry Review blog here. Writing about having been somewhere is […]


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My latest Contributor Spotlight piece is up on the Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog here! Hayden’s Ferry Review continues to be a favorite literary magazine of mine, not least for its commitment to foreign literature in translation. (My first two HFR Contributor Spotlight posts sprang from my return to my family’s ranch in California in ’08 here, and my second stint doing literary translation editing in Mongolia in ’09 here) It’s snowing where […]


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…I just can’t shut up about it. My latest rant in its favor went up on Huffington Post’s World Page this past week. Read it here. And support literary translation! Christmas and Chanukah are upon us, and books of foreign literature make great presents. With love, for you and for literary translation, Ming


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