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Ming Holden

Dear Ones, shop More to follow on different interweb venues about WALTIC, but my first published WALTIC piece is up over on the Arts page of the Huffington Post! Most of it is a list/pastiche of quotes taken during the conference (read: me scribbling furiously in my notebook). Enjoy, thank you again, and more soon~ Ming


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WALTIC for the win! (Sweden’s foremost literary translator on the “(f)utility of translation”; photo by Moa-Lisa Björk) Dear Ones, I am back safe and sound from Istanbul. I presented Tumen Ulzii’s story on Saturday, September 4th, to an audience that included Orhan Pamuk’s literary translator; the Secretary of International PEN; and the director of China’s Independent PEN Center. The audience was large and the comments at the end of the presentation were warm, encouraging and […]


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