Author of REFUGE, out June 1st 2018 from Kore Press

Ming Holden

Joseph Roberts and me at my farewell reading Oh, how good you’ve been to me!  From the uber-generous family in Ballard, to cousin Dominic Holden of The Stranger and uncle Ronald Holden of Cornichon, to, on my last night, the inimitable Joseph Roberts of Copper Canyon PressCenter on Contemporary Art in Seattle, and Apulent Catering fame.  Joseph sponsored a goodbye reading and fundraiser for my forthcoming passage […]


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Dear Ones, Below please find the words reaching me from Tumenulzii’s twenty-year-old daughter in China, shared with her permission: “Dear Ming: How are you doing?Recently, Dad sent your blog account to me.So I see the project of “Freedom to Write: Spreading the Word on Exiled Dissident Writers”.I greatly appreciate your help on my Dad`s thing. Dad and Mom have separated five years. I don`t know how long will it last. I feel so sad my […]


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